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Collection Law

As the person at your organization who arranges for outside collection counsel, your number one goal is to turn accounts receivable into cash.  But you probably have other expectations, too.  You want accurate, timely and comprehensive reporting that lets you stay on top of your files.  You want fast answers when questions arise.  You want frequent remittances.  And, of course, you want it all at cost-effective, competitive rates.

At Stein & Stein, we understand your needs, your expectations, and your goals when it comes to collections.  In fact, we’ve built our practice by consistently meeting those needs for organizations like yours.

Our firm’s main focus is commercial and retail debt collection and litigation throughout the entire state of New York and, nationally, through an extensive co-council forwarding network.  Our firm is an active member of the Commercial Law League of America.  We are also listed and bonded with ALQ, General Bar, Commercial Bar, National List, Wright Holmes and Columbia List.  We routinely handle claims for unpaid goods and services, credit card debt, banking and UCC claims, medical claims, equipment lease litigation, insurance subrogation and repossession actions.

Negotiators & Litigators

First and foremost, Stein & Stein adds a powerful litigation resource to your ability to collect claims.  But, if our experience has taught us how to litigate claims successfully, it has also taught us the value of resolving them before they reach litigation.  We approach every claim with the same goal: to pursue the shortest path to payment.  Our ability to negotiate pre-suit settlements in seemingly intractable situations, is one of the most essential advantages we bring to collection.

Expert Collection Staff

Stein & Stein’s abilities extend beyond litigating claims.  In fact, we have experienced and highly skilled paralegals on staff.  Our collection paralegals work closely with our attorneys in a team approach to effective payment faster.  Our team understands the law, business and collections.

Responsiveness & Reliability

Of course, even the most complete service is useless if you cannot access it quickly.  We understand your need to gain status information and legal advice fast.  In the great majority of cases, you will reach the person you are calling immediately.  If our staff member is not available, he or she will call you back at the next available moment.

Advanced Collection Methods

Stein & Stein uses the most advanced collection software.  We are able to customize our reports to provide the exact information your client requires, including complete activity and status reports.  The best way to describe our ability to track assets and conduct skip traces is tenacious.  Our access to comprehensive national information networks gives us the ability to follow the trail wherever it may lead.

Fee Arrangements

Stein & Stein generally works on a contingent fee arrangement.  We structure our fees to respect your own fee arrangements with your clients and accommodate high volume placements with special rates.

Our firm accepts the following types of collection cases:

Insurance Premiums
Equipment Leasing
Medical and Dental
Credit Card
Student Loans
Credit Union

We routinely handle the following counties in New York State: All counties in New York City, Rockland, Westchester, Orange, Sullivan, Putnam, Dutchess and Ulster. We also handle claims in the following counties in the State of New Jersey: Bergen, Passaic, Sussex, Hudson, Essex, and Morris.

Please call to speak with an experienced collection attorney at Stein & Stein @ 845-429-3900